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Wednesday, 4 May 2011
We Are Asking the Wrong Questions
 "In the book, Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done, authors Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan offer this powerful observation. The primary reason many corporations and businesses meet with their untimely demise is because when CEO's and corporate heads are confronted with the harsh realities of stagnant sales, loss of market share, low employee morale, and consumer dissatisfaction and they are looking for solutions that will "turn things around" they continue to ask the wrong question. With the dark cloud of failure looming overhead the "old paradigm" asks this question.


    " It spite of our best efforts, why is it that we continue to experience failure?"

     This is the "wrong question." The question that must be asked - demands to be asked - is the one question that most in positions of leadership and responsibility lack the courage to ask.


    "Is it because of our efforts that we continue to experience failure?"


     To ask this question requires a willingness to "re-think" and "re-examine" the core values and practices of the organization. It requires the courage to admit that "the way we have been going at this" has been wrong and more importantly, it requires the courage to step outside of the comfortable confines of the "known" to embrace ideas and strategies previously ignored and neglected by the status quo.

     It is my observation that in all strata's of life the failure to ask and confront the harsh realities of this question have not only led to the demise of businesses and corporations but to the demise of marriages, friendships, Christian organizations and church fellowships as well." 


The Forgotten Kingdom

Bob Nix

Posted by theabidingplace at 3:08 PM EDT
Thursday, 28 April 2011
Church vs Kingdom
 The difference between the Church and the Kingdom can be seen by doing some simple comparisons. While this is not an exhaustive list it is representative of the gap that can and often does  exisit between Church and Kingdom.
* Church denotes a self-contained unit that operates with limited resources.
* Kingdom is the global community of the redeemed with all of the giftings of the Body of Christ available and accessable.
* Church focuses on the promotion and continuation of the Church.
* Kingdom focus is single - bringing glory and honor to the King.
* Church is narrow in focus usually built around one key doctrinal component or experience.
* Kingdom recognizes and celebrates the diversity and creativity of the life of God.
* Church is territorial and often is driven by competion with "the church" down the street.
* Kingdom is built on unity and receives all whom Jesus receives.
* Church is a hierarchial template built on the clergy/laity model.
* Kingdom is built on the truth that we are priest unto God called to minister to the King.
* Church is built around services,programs, projects and promotions.
* Kingdom is built around God's people living in community.
* Church is often sectarian and tribal.
* Kingdom believes in keeping the unity of the Spirit until we come to the unity of the faith. 

     Change is inevitable and we are seeing more and more that the ways of the King and His Kingdom are right, true, tested and trustworthy. Our prayer is this, "God raise up a Kingdom minded people in this generation who will be a part of hastening your coming!"
     The KIngdom is within us and the invitation still stands to ask, seek and knock and He will surely answer.      

     The KIngdom is within us and the invitation still stands to ask, seek and knock and He will surely answer.    

Posted by theabidingplace at 12:45 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 28 April 2011 12:51 AM EDT
Wednesday, 20 April 2011
Spiritual Cul-De-Sacs
What is often missed when one undertakes a pursuit of the Kingdom of God is the tendency to focus on the manifestations of the KIngdom rather than the character of the King. This is, in my estimation, the great error of the charismatiic movement in my lifetime. In a desire to see the miracles of God it was lost or forgotten that the manifestations of the Kingdom, in order to accurately reflect the true nature of His Kingdom, had to rest and be expressed through Christ' nature and character or they would be misconstued and misunderstood. Manifestations do not produce character, but Christ-like character allows His gifts and manifetations to be rightly exercised and used to build His KIngdom in the hearts of men.  Consequently, the charismatic movement has become in large measure a spiritual cul-de-sac that keeps seeking the manifestations but marginalizing the requirement for the developement of Christ-like character in the lives of His people.  To seek His Kingdom carries the requirement of submitting to His process of forming the character of Christ in us. The shaping and forming of Christ-like character does not come quickly or without cost.

Posted by theabidingplace at 1:08 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 20 April 2011 1:12 AM EDT
Tuesday, 12 April 2011
Don't Miss This!
The problem we face when we discuss the Kingdom of God is that our concepts are either "archaic" or "futuristic", neither of which embraces the Kingdom as the present-tense realty of God for His people. The Kingdom is not outdated or reserved for sometime in the age to come - the Kingdom is for today. The ways of the King and His Kingdom are  current and relevant to our culture. The Kingdom is teeming with wisdom, life and creativity that is fashioned for the times in which we live. The Kingdom of God is not old-fashioned and brittle, but rather, alive with the destiny, design and purposes of our King. So much of what is being rejected today as being out-moded and irrelevant is not the Kingdom at all. 
     Know this, no matter what we see taking place in our world, the unshakable truth is that all creation is standing on her tiptoes, straining, longing, yearning and waiting to see the King and His Kingdom manifest in and through your life and mine. Whatever you do, DON'T MISS THIS!

Posted by theabidingplace at 11:13 PM EDT

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