The Abiding Place is the ideal place for your small group, leadership team, or family function to meet for an overnight or weekend retreat. Listed below are a schedule of fees for rental of The Abiding Place along with food services provided. Contact us at  to make revervations or for more information. 


Rental Cost/Food Services

Cost is based on:

$50 per person - per night lodging

$10 per person - per meal

(Groups may provide their own food for retreat)

5% discount for groups of 20 or more

The Abiding Place has a maximum occupancy of 30


 1 night w/o meals provided     - $50

 1 night with 1 meal provided   - $60

 1 night with 2 meals provided - $70

 1 night with 3 meals provided - $80


 2 nights w/o meals provided     - $100

 2 nights with 1 meal provided   - $110

 2 nights with 2 meals provided - $120

 2 nights with 3 meals provided - $130

 2 nights with 4 meals provided - $140

 2 nights with 5 meals provided - $150

 2 nights with 6 meals provided - $160



Menu Selections

Choose one option for each meal:



 Option #1 - Busquits, gravy, sasuage, jellies, milk, orange juice, coffee

 Option #2 - Breakfast Burritos, milk, orange juice, coffee

 Option #3 - Stuffed French Toast, Sausage, milk, orange juice, coffee

 Option #4 - Breakfast casserole, bisquits, milk, orange juice, coffee

 Option #5 - Muffin, Danish, bagels, fruit, yogurt, milk, or.juice, coffee



 Option #1- Homemade soup, sandwich, drink, dessert

 Option #2 - Homemade soup, salad, drink, bread, dessert

 Option #3 - Taco salad, homemade salsa & chips, drink, dessert

 Option #4 - Grilled chicken on cabbage salad, drink, bread, dessert

 Option #5 - Grilled hamburgers & all the fixins, drink, dessert



 Option #1- Chicken & Rice, salad, bread, dessert

 Option #2 - Chicken & Pasta, salad, bread, dessert              

 Option #3 - Enchilada casserole, beans & rice, salad, drink, dessert

 Option #4 - Weiner Roast & all the fixins, smores, drink (lakeside only)


NOTE: Pricing is inclusive of mid-morning, afternoon, and after dinner snacks and refreshments.


IMPORTANT: Please let us know of any special dietary requirements at the time of registration and we will do all we can to accomodate your groups needs.



Once a date has been confirmed for your retreat a deposit of $150 will be required to hold your date on the calendar.


Cancelation Policy

Retreat deposits are transferable but non-refundable. If for some reason you must reschedule the date for your retreat, the deposit will be transferred to the new retreat date. If you cancel your event:

  • 4 weeks prior -  forfeit your deposit.

  • 3 weeks prior -  forfeit your deposit and pay 10% of first nights lodging fees for your group.

  • 2 week prior -  forfeit your deposit and  pay 20% of the first nights lodging fees for your group.

  • 1 week prior - forfeit your deposit  pay 50% of the first nights lodging fees for your group.