About The Nixes
Bob & Teresa began their ministry together in August of 1975. After three years in full time evangelism and twenty four years of pastoral experience which includes pastoring four denominational congregations and planting one non-denominational fellowship, Bob & Teresa have committed their lives to helping God's people discover new dimensions of intimacy in their spiritual pilgrimage through the ministry and mission of The Abiding Place. The Nixes have five wonderful children, one super-human son-in-law,two amazing daughter-in-laws,  and seven beautiful grand-children. Jason & Jessica Greenhaw - daughter Gwenevere and son, Grayson Robert; Jacob & Tammy Nix and twin daughters Hanna & Haleigh and son, Robert Andrew; Jason Nix, Joshua & Amiee Nix and sons, Addicus & Simon and Jordan Nix .


A Personal Word From Bob Nix

Dear Friends,
     In John 18:1-2 the scripture says "When Jesus had spoken these words, He went over the Brook of Kidron, where there was a garden, which He and His disciples entered...for Jesus often met there with His disicples."  
     It is noteworthy that for Jesus there was a garden, an outward place of retreat where He could instruct His diciples concerning the inward place of abiding in Him. Does it seem to you as it does to me that today within the Christain community of faith we have lost or forgotten what it truly means to live a life of "abiding" in Christ?
     There is a longing in the heart of many of God's people to recapture  "the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ" spoken of in I Corinthians 11:3. The fruitfulness of everything else we touch in our spiritual journey is determined by the depth and quality of our inward life of abiding and resting in fellowship and communion with the Father, through His Son, Jesus Christ.
      We extend to you a personal invitation to come to an outward place, The Abiding Place, where you might re-discover and deepen the joy of your salvation and find that inward place of "abiding" in Him. We look forward to our time with you.

In His Embrace,

Bob Nix