Dear Pastor or Ministry Leader,

 Bob Nix has been a long time friend and fellow servant of the Lord with me in the Houston area. I have been connected with Bob and his ministry for a number of years. I know his heart for pastors and church members to come to a deep and abiding health through an intimate relationship with the Spirit of Christ. His calling to begin the Abiding Place fits in so beautifully with the gifts God has placed within his life. I am happy to commend his life and ministry to you and your church family.


The Abiding Place retreat ministry is a wonderful and needed ministry of bringing spiritual rest and refreshment to weary souls. Bob's experience in pastoral counseling, his teaching, and retreat leadership all provide an excellent opportunity for blessings to be imparted to those who partake. I want to encourage you to open your heart to Bob, get to know him, and take advantage of the respite ministry that the Abiding Place provides.


I know that Bob will bring the presence of the Lord to whatever he does. If you have a need, you will find his servant heart ready to respond. I pray that you might find in Bob the friend and  ministry partner that I have found.


Grace and peace,

Steve Meeks

Senior Pastor

Calvary Community Church

Houston Texas




Dear Friends,


     Our gracious Lord first arranged for me to meet Bob Nix in 1981 in Navasota, TX.  He has graciously intertwined my life with the Nix family since that time.  In 198 1, I mark the beginning of God's breaking work in me and the awakening in me of a hunger to seek Him and to run after Him.  Sovereignly, my neighbor invited me to the Baptist church where Bob was pastoring at that time.  I knew in my heart from that first sermon that Bob was speaking revelation which ministered to my hunger.  Truth in love showered over me that Sunday and for the next four years, watering my soul and changing my life.  Even though the seed of life had been planted within me many years before, Bob did the watering which rooted me in the faith.


     Now, as a professional counselor, I am asked to write a recommendation for my teacher, my pastor, my friend.  I assuredly do not have the words to express what is in my heart concerning Bob and his family.  There is no one I respect more or in whom I more confidence, not because I have placed him on a pedestal, but because I have seen the trials and the testings.  I know Bob shares from a heart tempered by experience fashioned from the hand of God.  In my master's program while training to be a counselor, I was told that a counselor must possess three essential qualities or attributes: genuineness, empathy, and unconditional positive regard for others.  I have been in practice for five years now, and I have come to realize that these are the qualities only truly possessed by the Great Counselor and of those who are being transformed into his image from "glory to glory" and from trial to trial.  I hold Bob in this regard: a counselor of counselors, and commend him to all whom God would graciously lead to his door.


In His Grace,

  Judy T. Owens, MA, LPC, RPT

Huntsville, Texas




Dear Bob,


I just wanted to let you know that I consider it an honor to write this letter.  You and Teresa have meant so much to Yvonne and me over the years through your open sharing hearts.  The very fact that we are in the ministry today is a direct result of the ministry that you have poured out upon us.


I don't exactly know where to start but let me say that your desire to minister to the Body of Christ at large is what is missing in the church today.  It is so refreshing to see someone who has no personal agenda, just a real longing to see the Body rise up and fulfill the commission that it was given by Christ.  Also, your heart towards Pastors is very apparent, in that you desire to lift up local ministers and to encourage their congregations to be supportive of their church and Pastor.


I would recommend your retreats to anyone who is longing to have a deeper walk with the Lord or those who feel that their fire is not what it used to be.  We love you both very much and look forward to our next retreat.


In His Love,

Jeff Callicott

Sr. Pastor

VineLife Christian Fellowship

Huffman, TX.