Books by Bob Nix

"The Journey Begins: Confessions of a Ragamuffin Heart" 

        "It is my fear that today in the community of the Saints that we call the church we are ignoring or denying the questions of our heart and settling for a formula based approach to spirituality. We are so addicted to results that we have forfeited our ability to wait, tarry, wonder, and listen to the heartbeat of our creator. This book is for those who desire to explore the questions and hear the voice of our God as He ask each one of us, "Where are you?" (Taken from the introduction of "The Journey Begins:Confessions of a Ragamuffin Heart")

"The Journey Begins: Confessions of a Ragamuffin Heart" is a workbook designed to  take you on a journey of the heart. Using excerpts and poetry from Bob's personal journal you will be encouraged to open your heart to the healing presence of the Lord.

Cost: $10.00 


"The Journey to Intimacy: Portraits of Worship From Abba's Heart"

 (With a special Forward by Greg Crawford)

     "This is the heart of dead religion and empty tradition, a desire to retain comfortable "form" rather than releasing yourself to move into intimate communion and fellowship with the living God.  The truth of the matter is that in many ways we are all guilty of seeking a mental perception of who we think God is.  In fact, even in the life of one who is aggressively pursuing the heart of God, there will be practices we have held to and defended in days gone by that will no longer satisfy our longing for communion with our Lord.  If we are unwilling to undergo this restructuring of our preconceived ideas of who Jesus truly is and how He desires to move in us, then we would do well to find some comfortable religious form that does not call us and challenge us to stay centered in God's progressive work of transformation." (Taken from the book, "The Journey to Intimacy, Portraits of Worship from Abba's Heart by Bob Nix)

What is Worship? Is it a religious service that takes place between 11:00 A.M. and Noon each Sunday? Is it a particular style of music or song? In the book, "The Journey to Intimacy: Portraits of Worship From Abba's Heart", Bob seeks to move the discussion beyond the standard issues and debates of the day to a deeper place of understanding and awareness for the child of God. Primarily, that worship is a lifestyle that flows from the heart of one who has determined to live daily according to His created purpose and destiny in their lives. 

Cost: $10.00


Music by Bob & Teresa Nix

Journey Songs -Vol.1 - Songs From the Abiding Place

Bob & Teresa have joined with Greg Crawford and friends to produce a musical project of 13 original songs. (11 written by Bob and 2 written by Jason Nix.). Of this project Bob says, "As we have journeyed toward the Father's heart over the years, it seems as though for every season of life God has given us new songs of help, hope, and deliverance. It is our prayer that this same life will flow out to all who listen to Journey Songs

Cost: $10.00

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Journey Songs - Vol.2 - Come To Zion is now available


Book by Teresa Nix

Treasures From the Garden

In "Treasures From the Garden" Teresa has captured the heart of our Heavenly Father as He has faithfully spoken to her heart from her experiences in the garden of her own life. You do not want to miss the powerful truths that are shared in this devotional classic by Teresa Nix.

Cost: $10.00


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