ArtLife 2012

July 9 - 13, 2011

Southwestern Assemblies of God University


Waxahachie, TX


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 "Did you feel the darkness tremble?

When all the saints joined in one song.

And all the streams flow as one river

To wash away our brokenness.

Martin Smith

"Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble


 "From Eden a river flowed to water the park, which on leaving the park branched into four streams."

Genesis 2:10


 " I think if you will look again at the ways in which Christ ransoms people, the means by which he makes a man or woman come fully alive, you will find that He offers His life to us through Four Streams. Those streams are Discipleship (Walking with God), Counseling (Receiving God's Intimate Counsel), Healing (Deep Restoration), Warfare (Spiritual Warfare)."

"Waking the Dead: The Glory of a Heart Fully ALive"

John Eldridge


Come To the River Conferences 2011

There is a call issuing forth from the heart of Abba Father to come and drink deeply from the river of His life. Join us in 2012 as we answer His call to Come to the River.

One night of worship, praise and celebration on Saturday evening. A holy convocation  in the presence of our Lord for Believer's from every background and tradition  to renew and refresh their hearts in the River of Life.   

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If you would be interested in hosting a "Come To the River" Conference in your church or community please contact us. 


The Institute For the Arts in Ministry (IAM)

The highest goal of the Christian life is intimacy and communion between the Creator and His Creation. In order to give His creation an avenue through which to express the depth, mystery, and beauty of this communal life, He gave each one of us creative, artistic abilities. It is through these creative expressions that men are invited to articulate their innermost thoughts, feelings, and experiences with God. 

     Acts 3:20-21 declares that the Father is not going to send Jesus again until "the times of restoration of all things" which has been spoken of since "the world began". It is our belief that one of the areas that God is brining "restoration" is in the area of the arts as a powerful and fresh expression of life and ministry in the earth. Abba Father is raising up visionaries and communites with keen prophetic insight who are skillfully revealing the heart of the Father for His people through a diverse managery of artistic expression.

     The Institute for the Arts in Ministry exist to prepare the soil and cultivate the heart of God's people to once again dream in living color with the belief that the most powerful gift we possess is a sanctified imagination on which the vista of God's vast nature and character can be brought to life once again.

     Keep watching for upcoming events and training opportunites in the coming days.